If You Have These 7 Personality Traits, You're Definitely Leadership Material

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Personality Types With Natural Leadership Qualities & Characteristics

Leadership isn't about the position you hold or the authority you command; it doesn't matter if you're a manager, a CEO, or the president. It's about leadership qualities and leadership skills you can develop in any role you take on in life.

You can be a leader in whichever role you're in and whichever context: Home, school, work, or community.

What is leadership? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of leadership is: "...the action of leading a group of people or an organization."

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An effective leader is not defined by their words, but rather they're leadership style. It's someone who understands how much impact they have and accepts the challenge earnestly.

So why does it matter?

Even if you're part of a collaborative team or partnership, leadership training is required to move the goals of the group forward. Employees need someone to look up to, kids need someone to emulate, and everyone needs someone to steward the execution of the vision.

In short, the purpose of leadership is to inspire action to get things done.

Many people possess intelligence, decisiveness, and drive, and other skills such as communicating, planning and delegating, but they lack the intangibles of leadership — that is, they lack the qualities that make the difference to individuals and outcomes.

If you want to have great leadership characteristics, consider whether you truly understand the meaning of leadership and work on these 7 personality traits:

1. Be a visionary.

Some people are able to envision the future and paint such a compelling picture for others that they want to go along for the ride.

It's leadership that's purpose-driven, focused, and inspiring.

2. Be authentic.

Authentic leaders deal in truth. Their words and actions are congruent, and this goes a long way in creating dependability and trust.

Besides that, being genuine makes them very likable, and someone people want to follow.

3. Be curious.

A wise leader has an open mind and collects facts before coming to conclusions. They listen more than they speak and seek to understand.

This allows them to respond instead of reacting — netting the best solution while making people feel heard.

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4. Be compassionate.

Effective leaders know that being connected with people on an emotional level is the only way to gain their commitment and engage them. To do that, they have to be able to put themselves in someone else's shoes.

This compassion goes well beyond empathy — it's the willingness to act on their behalf to make their circumstances better. Simply put: kindness matters.

5. Be conscientious.

Conscientiousness is more than doing careful, thorough, and good work. It's about taking personal responsibility and living by an inner sense of right and wrong.

Leaders will never win by cutting corners, blaming others, or dismissing morality. In fact, studies now show that conscientiousness is even a bigger predictor of success than intelligence.

6. Have courage.

When a leader demonstrates courageousness, they are showing that they are optimistic in the face of obstacles.

There is an element of risk-taking, but not recklessness. They don't stop when things get tough. They rally the troops and summon the brave!

7. Have humility.

Of all of these traits, humility is the most essential and most rare. Leaders who embody it get vulnerable with their people, admit their mistakes and learn from them. They're able to contain their egos and think in terms of "we."

Because they are secure in themselves and human fallibility, they are able to freely share their power. This makes them much more influential as a result. True humility empowers others.

If you checked the boxes on this list, you're way ahead of most leaders because you truly understand the concept of true leadership.

The people around you will happily go on the journey with you, and they’ll strive to become better people and thriving contributors.

If you don't naturally possess these qualities, the good news is that you can always sharpen your growing edges and become a better leader with coaching and mentoring.

Consider whether leadership is for you — and it doesn't have to be for everyone. What motivates you to become a leader and whether you're willing to commit to the greater self-awareness, practice, and feedback necessary makes all the difference.

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Lisa Petsinis is a career and life coach and former HR leader who works with resourceful individuals to create a career they love. Her work has been featured in MSN, Prevention, POPSUGAR, and more. Contact Lisa on her website and jumpstart the changes you want in your life starting today.

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