10 Little Things That Can Help You Feel Happier Every Day

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How To Be Happy Again-Finding Joy & Happiness In Life

Want to learn how to be happy again? Finding joy and happiness in life is often about the little things. 

Sometimes, the simplest things bring us joy and happiness, if we just take the time to enjoy them. Happy people know this.

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But, when you're a busy person, you tend to focus on what needs to happen instead of what is happening. Your calendar rules you.

You overschedule your day, trying to accomplish as much as possible and the result is that you didn’t really enjoy much of it.

Then, you wake up one day and wonder where the time has gone. And ask yourself, "How can I be happy?" Often, the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) leads to actually missing out on happy things.

The adage of stop and smell the roses sounds cliché, except that it is true. 

The reality is that finding happiness and joy isn't very complicated. You don't find it in the busyness of life — you find it in quiet moments with yourself and connected moments with your world.

Stopping yourself at different points in your day to be mindful can fill up your cup with more energy — not to mention the sheer joy it can bring into your life!

It doesn't take long to figure out how to be happy and enjoy some of the simpler things in life, the experiences that most people take for granted.

All we really have is here and now. Why not bring a little more delight and gratitude into your life so you'll be happier and so that finding joy is easier?

Here are 10 simple things that can help you feel happier and bring joy into your life every day when you want to learn how to be happy again.

1. The morning sunrise

If you're pressing snooze 3 times and you're darting off to catch your train for work, you are missing one of the most magical parts of the day.

Deliberately set your alarm for a few minutes before sunrise (check your local weather app), open your curtains and watch. Look into the horizon, concentrate on the rosy glow lifting into the sky, and take in every glorious moment of it.

Revel in the new hope for the day, and the chance for you to begin again.

2. Chirping birds

There is no better morning sound than one of birds chirping! In addition to it being a sign of fair weather, you may not realize that you're hearing the males singing to attract the females.

Listen with curiosity and wonder — even just for a minute —– to nature's beauty!

3. Raindrops

When you're in a rush heading to an important meeting, the last thing you might want is to get drenched by a rainstorm. Your first instinct is to avoid rain rather than experience it.

But on an average rainy day, what if you stopped for a moment to feel the rain? What would it be like to feel those drops landing on your skin?

Listen to the sound of it pelting down, or better yet, jump in a few puddles! You don't have to be Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers to love a little singing and dancing in the rain. Grab your partner, child or friend, and enjoy the rain together. Things like this are key for learning how to make yourself happy. 

4. Blooming flowers

Flowers are happiness. Flowers are hope. They are a feast for the eyes and a delight to the nose. It's no surprise that people give them to others at virtually every occasion.

The next time you pass a garden, stop, stoop, hold a flower delicately, and smell its captivating fragrance. Make your day.

5. Sunbathing animals

Stumble upon a cat soaking up some rays of sunshine and you will be sure to smile. Dogs and our other animal friends enjoy it, too. They look warm, cozy and content. And, there is something about seeing furry friends happy that fills you with happy thoughts too.

It might inspire you to get in some vitamin D of your own!

6. Laughing children

Even if you have kids of your own, sadly, you can drown out their laughter with thoughts of your to-do list. It doesn't mean that you love them any less — you simply are too distracted to enjoy their presence fully.

Consciously set aside time every day to look your children in the eye, enjoy a light moment and their company. Notice when they laugh and laugh with them, too.

Hearing kids in the playground amusing themselves, and giggling, stop yourself in your tracks and chuckle along with them. It will take you back to a time when you were carefree and full of hope.

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7. Coloring

Coloring is not just for kids! Many adults swear that it reduces stress and induces a state of calm.

So, when the children are tucked in and fast asleep, put on some light music, sneak out their Crayola’s and doodle, draw, or show yourself you can still make some pretty pictures! You’ll be surprised how good you'll feel.

8. Mindful eating

Slowing down to eat is not just about preventing heartburn; it's about actually enjoying your food.

The next time you throw a bagel in your bag, consider sitting down to really taste that herb and garlic cream cheese. Instead of scarfing down your lunch while combing through 200 emails, go sit in the lunchroom, look at your food, smell it and taste it.

Yes, your boss can wait 5 extra minutes for that report — you're savoring every morsel of your delicious lunch!

9. Sipping an aromatic cup of coffee

I would happily replace 10 cups of Joe with one beautiful vanilla latte.

When life gets hectic, and your instinct is to head through the nearest drive-through, consider your options. Fill up on water, and when you get home take some time to indulge in a beverage that invigorates your senses. How about a peppermint tea or Earl Grey with lavender?

Close your eyes, breathe in the aroma, and take in joy.

10. A few moments of rest

When you're busy taking care of work, family, and other responsibilities, it's easy to neglect your sleep. Your body needs to refuel. If a power nap isn't an option, close your eyes for a few minutes and connect with your breath.

Breathing in and out with your feet firmly planted on the floor will give you the grounding you need to face the rest of your day. Add in a few thoughts of gratitude and self-compassion, and you'll feel even better.

To be happy, you need to intentionally seek out opportunities to bring more joy into your life. That means taking an occasional break from the grind to be mindful.

It doesn't take much effort or time, but the rewards are high. Incorporating these simple ideas and noticing these basic pleasures for even a few moments a day, can make you smile, put a bounce in your step, and fill your heart with gladness.

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