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Burnout Coach, Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist, Career Coach, Career Counselor, Confidence Coach, Energy Healer, Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Money Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach

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I Believe

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us." Marianne Williamson

About Kavita Melwani

I specialize in helping Purposeful, Soulful, Leaders to lead through their inner wisdom.  

As an Intuitive Leadership Coach, I help you find your authentic voice, fulfill your soul's purpose/Dharma, improve your self-worth/confidence so you can rise up to the leader you were meant to be. You can launch your business or shift your career while generating the income your desire. 

The inner peace that you can have with knowing you are on your path is waiting for you. 

It's time to find your unique place in the world.

I know the pressures that a woman of color can feel, we want to honor our parents, our lineage, our culture, and we have a soul's desire to honor ourselves. It can feel like you are balancing different worlds and still never feel like you belong in either one.

The value of our culture that you come from and its uniqueness may not match your environment, so it makes sense that you felt like you had to adapt. This is totally fine and healthy - but I want to show you that you can bring your uniqueness, your values, your culture, your truth to your environment in a powerful, harmonious way, and soulful way.

My Journey: 

My path was not linear; I kept trying to find where I fit in, searching for my tribe and people who understood me, looking for the right career that would make everyone happy, and behaving in a way that I thought was honoring my culture and family.

As I went deeper into people-pleasing, ignoring my intuition, my health suffered, and I lost my way. Only through my work with healers/coaches/therapists and completing so many certifications and training programs was I able to see my truth.

I was losing myself, not fulfilling my unique purpose, and in the end, no one was happy - especially my soul. I see you, soulful misfit! If that sounds like you, I can help you find yourself again without going down the long path I took.

I know what it takes to successfully overcome anxiety, stress & burnout that results in trying to fit into a world that is not designed for you. I can help you Step into Your Aligned Leadership!

If you are ready to help you become comfortable in your own skin and pursue your dreams with a clear vision of what you truly want, then now is the time to contact me. If you are balancing two worlds, not sure what you truly want, know what you want but don't know where to begin, and are ready to stop struggling - then we need to talk. I understand how you feel, I have been there, and I want to help you shine your light in the world.

I found a way to support you in finding yours without going through the challenges the hard way... What would happen if you felt physically and mentally whole, had connected relationships, and a deep connection with your true self?


I hold a Master's Degree in Education and Bachelor's in Psychology. I am a certified Empowerment coach, Integrative Health Coach, a Hypnotherapis, Reiki Master, a “Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach."  Kavita Melwani, is an Integrative, Holistic Coach, A highly-sensitive Woman, and a mother to two beautiful boys. She is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated various businesses since 2003. The turning point in her life came when she started to work with a life coach to recognize her true gifts and calling. She is on a mission to guide Passionate Free Spirits have a deeper understanding of themselves, empower them to care for their body, mind, and spirit so they connect with their intuition and live a purpose-filled life.


I am intuitive, empathetic, an HSP, and a first-generation American who has never felt like I fully belong anywhere.

I have known for a good part of my life that committed to supporting women, to make a difference. My journey was not a linear one….

After several businesses and careers, I am blessed to be able to work with and empower heart-centered, sensitive women to become the best version of themselves. To love and honor themselves, to enjoy have fulfilling relationships, and live abundant lives.

If you are ready to move from being stuck, confused, lost, burnt out/overwhelmed into being comfortable in your own skin so you can attract the abundant, meaningful life you desire.

I would love to hear from you.

Kavita Melwani Success Stories


“Before I met Kavita I was suffering from chronic and debilitating pain, anxiety and depression, and awaiting medical tests and results that could seriously affect my future.more

Kavita helped me in many ways, some difficult to describe. First was to understand my situation, disposition and expectations. She helped me focus on what was important, what was enjoyable, and what would allow me to move forward. Some things would seem insignificant to an outsider, but just guiding my activities to focus on things that I enjoyed doing, helped me climb out of the hole that I was in. The pain I was experiencing meant that at times I did not want to continue and Kavita provided me the means and motivation to keep going.

I am now enjoying my life more than ever before. One of the medical conditions I was diagnosed with, and that has no known cure, has gone. I feel like I have a new lease on life and marvel at life’s wonder every day.

I would highly recommend Kavita because she has an innate ability (or intuition), that allows her to provide the most appropriate guidance to the individual. She brought me back from the brink.”

Greg K, IT Professional


“Prior to working with Kavita my life was a Huge mess in all aspects possible: emotionally, mentally, and professionally. Kavita’s presence in my life has played a tremendous role in getting me back on track with all of those issues. Kavita has helped me learn how to ground myself with the help of guided-meditation and feel a sense of peace and balance within myself. She has opened my eyes to a lot of self-discoveries which in turn have helped me find the true strength within me. With Kavita’s guidance I was able to get out of an abusive relationship (emotional and verbal abuse) that I was trapped in for close to ten years. I also became more capable to regain confidence in my professional abilities and my skill set after a 2+ year gap in my career and I’ve learned how to embrace myself the way I am and be authentic with myself and others in all the ways possible. Kavita was able to guide me to my true happiness and she has really put in the time and effort to really listen to me and help me with my life struggles. I would strongly recommend Kavita to any of my friends and/or family who are looking for a life coach or mentor to guide them through their struggles.”more


 ~ Olga Arkhangelskaya, Administrative Professional


“Before we began working together I was struggling with stress and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. As we began working together I was able to learn some valuable tools to help me feel more relaxed throughout my day.  Without these tools I wouldn’t be able to work through the rough times in the manner that I did and to gain a clearer focus on living a purposeful life.  With Kavita’s support I was able to let go of some past guilt and anger that was preventing me from moving forward in my life. I now feel lighter, stronger and more empowered to deal with my daily life and it’s irritations. I am thankful to Kavita’s humanity and care.  She is a wonderful person. I would highly recommend working with Kavita if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed in your life.”more

~ Tina Lu, finance and administrative professional


“Before I started working with Kavita I was exhausted, stuck and disconnected from myself and my loved ones. After working with her I have reconnected with my family and some friends. More importantly I now feel like I have some control over my life and things have become easier because I have learned to reconnect with myself. I have also been able to do what was needed in my life and business despite my fear. I know that I still have work today and definitely would recommend working with Kavita if you want to get back on track to living a more balanced life where you are connected with yourself and those that you love. “more

~ Fran Phillip, Entrepreneur/wellness professional

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