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6-10 years


Carlsbad CA 92008 - United States



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Consultant, Dating Coach, Image Consultant, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

With the right method, you can accomplish anything, even in love.

About Jasmine Von Hatch

Where did you find your husband and how did you get him to commit and marry you so quickly were questions I was often asked when I first got married at 35 years old. All my friends and their friends wanted to know how I managed to get a great catch – a tall, successful, good looking, intelligent and kind man. All of them were in their 30s and feeling the pressure of their biological clock ticking and struggling with the lack of insight and certainty in their love life. I helped them breakdown their current relationships, approach, patterns, goals and explain why the men they have or want in their lives behave the way they do. Then I realized that while relationship matters have become intuitive for me, I have been studying how to find, attract and keep the highest quality men effortless for more than a decade while most of my friends have not.

In my mid twenties, I started noticing a trend that it wasn’t the hottest, cutest, prettiest, smartest, richest, sweetest, bitchiest, or nicest women that got the most eligible men. There was something intangible in the way these “naturals” manage and interact with men that set them apart. I wish I were one of the “naturals”– but I wasn’t. But I was blessed with resourcefulness and a great analytical mind which enabled me to crack the code.  

After over a decade of analyzing women who seem to find, attract and keep the highest quality men effortlessly, I became one and developed the Get Hubby System to empower women with a systematic methodology to find their dream husband. It starts off with understanding men, then understanding yourself, and based on that understanding, aligning your action steps with your goals.

It is often said that “we are our worse enemies”. I believe that is true if we let our subconscious run our lives, but “we can be our best ally” if we consciously make the effort to make our dreams into reality.

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