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25 years +


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Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Educator, Parenting Coach, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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Look back with compassion and appreciation; look ahead to plan with enthusiasm; and mostly engage fully in the present.

About Susan Heitler

I am a clinical psychologist and author who helps my clients to relieve negative emotions, enjoy personal well-being, and sustain loving relationships

I specialize in using understanding of conflict resolution to help individuals and couples solve their problems.

I am a graduate of Harvard University with a doctorate from New York University. I live what I teach. I have been married for over forty years.  My husband and I raised four children, now grown, married, and with children of their own. We now enjoy our 13 grandchildren.

I have written two books on sustaining loving relationships: The Power of Two, The Power of Two Workbook co-authored with my daughter psychologist Dr. Abigail Hirsch. My adult children have made these books into an interactive website called PowerOfTwoMarriage.com.  It's fun, teaches vital skills, and is free to try out. 

Most recently I have published Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More.  I do believe that while therapy can be extremely helpful when you feel distressed, a good book can also guide you toward quickly feeling better.

Susan Heitler Success Stories

The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong & Loving Marriage

"Dr. Heitler teaches the skills that make marriages successful.  With easy-to-remember guidelines and entertaining examples, she shows us how to deepen intimacy and resolve conflicts to insure a joyful and lasting marriage." ~ John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


"Just 30 minutes of watching, participating, and listening to the various activities/videos gave us more tools than from all of our counseling sessions combined. This site is a godsend." ~ Samantha

Prescriptions Without Pills: For Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More

“These days more and more people feel trapped in the web of medication and drugs. This refreshing book provides an alternative, a holistic pathway to real emotional health. A must-read for all: younger, elder, lay people, clergy, and therapists.” ~ Chana Levitan, MSc, Author of I Only Want to Get Married Once and That’s Why I Married You!

“This is one of the most comprehensive and at the same time the most practical self-help books I have ever read." ~ Professor Clare Rabin, Author of Winnicott and “Good Enough” Couple Therapy

“This groundbreaking book is a comprehensive guide for treating emotional pain. What makes it unique is that it’s not just a book to read. It’s a book to use." ~Toni Bernhard, Author of How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness

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