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"I Can't Believe He Doesn't Want Fruit Cake at Aunt Martha's!"  Don't assume your spouse wants to celebrate the Holidays the same way you do! 

About David and Cindy Taylor

David and Cindy Taylor are normal people just like you who co-wrote: "Affaircare: Caring for Your Marriage After an Affair" to help people end affairs and rebuild more loving, happy marriages. They have been guest experts on radio shows have been recognized as Portland's Infidelity Experts on Examiner.com.

David and Cindy are ecstatically married and live in the Pacific Northwest with their seven children, one dog, and three cats.

David and Cindy Taylor Success Stories

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Couples dealing with infidelity

"Affaircare I am being serious I think you helped me get on the path of saving my marriage!!!! I have followed the steps you gave me and I am seeing huge results!!! H is responding and when I finally REALIZED I had to take control the tables turned. Also the love kindlers were huge..."

K.L. from Alabama

Couples dealing with infidelity

Hi, I'm K.L from Alabama. C.J. is a dedicated coach and is great at what she does. She helped me through a very hard time in my life. I'm very thankful that I found her.

B.W from Colorado

Couples dealing with infidelity

"...in my case, if it hadn't been for you guys coaching me and talking me down from my own emotional turmoil I wouldn't be married today. And I knew when my emotions took control of me back then, I could post on this forum and could rely on you to talk me down and help me realize things would be ok and it wasn't the end of the world, even though it seemed and it some ways were/was the end of the world. So for that I don't know how I could ever repay you both for what you two have done in both my life and my wife's. And have prayed for you both many times and thanked the lord for leading me to you."

Success Stories...

Couples dealing with infidelity

We are not even sure WHAT to put in this spot. How exactly does one measure "success" when it comes to dealing with infidelity?more

Is it teaching a couple before they get married about Love Kindlers and Love Extinguishers so that they never have to wrestle with infidelity in their marriage?

Is it helping a couple renew the flames of love in their marriage so they come back from the brink of infidelity?

Is it walking a loyal spouse through the steps of ending an affair, holding their hand, encouraging them to keep going...and ultimately their disloyal spouse ends the affair?

Is it meeting with loyal and disloyal spouses who have just ended the affair and have no idea how to rebuild a new marriage so that they are not vulnerable to infidelity again?

Or is it showing a loyal spouse how to grow and become a healthy, mature, personally-responsible person despite the fact that their disloyal spouse is pressing to a divorce they don't want?

To our mind, all of those are success!

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