How The Sun-Mercury Conjunction Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 25th

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How The Sun Mercury Conjunction Means We’re Finally Moving Ahead In The Direction We’re Meant To
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We’re reminded that the energy in 2020 year is nothing like the energy from 2019. When Sun conjunct Mercury, with Sun in Capricorn and Mercury in Capricorn, on January 10th, this marks a powerful time for our zodiac signs with planning, intention-setting, and feeling confident in how we express ourselves.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets both align within the same sign, which combines their energy and makes them stronger, almost acting in a unified manner. The last time we experienced this Sun-Mercury transit was on November 11th, and the next one will be on February 25th.

This is a more common transit in astrology, occurring multiple times a year. But whether Mercury is retrograde or what zodiac sign he's in, it changes how it affects us.

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In Capricorn, it’s all about solid foundations, planning and stability.

It wasn’t hard to guess that the energy of 2020 was going to feel different right off the bat considering the new eclipse cycle began before we even sang Happy New Year. But as we are still settling in within the first few days of the year, still influenced by the eclipse energy, it’s clear to see that 2020 isn’t playing.

Not that we really took any other year lightly, but there is an energy already to 2020 that while it may be a lot of work, we’re also going to see a lot of positive change. The thing with change is that it’s never comfortable; it’s never something we open ourselves up to or even invite into our lives. Instead, it’s forced upon us and that may be what many are feeling right now.

Depending upon location, we will have our Full Moon in Cancer and Lunar Eclipse on January 10th or 11th, and this transit while exact on the 10th still carries energy over with this lunar event, regardless of date. What we must do is pause to see the connection between this transit and the eclipse that we’ll experience around the same time for greater clarity into what this means for us.

In astrology, Sun represents our core self and who we are; Mercury is our thoughts, communications and our ability to express that to others. In Capricorn, where they both are meeting, they are more grounded because this is an earth sign, but they also are in great placement to get things done.

Capricorn is a zodiac sign who takes one step at a time, doesn’t look too far ahead, doesn’t get discouraged, and never gives up.

During the past two weeks, it's likely that things began to change for us. We had new ideas, opportunities or even developments come into our lives, and, truthfully, we’re still probably trying to decide not only how we feel about it, but what we should do about it. Many of us are learning that while we desire to move ahead into our future, we can’t do so until we’ve moved out of the current chapter that we’re living in. 

But what we often describe as the reason we have difficulty doing this is that we don’t know what to say or even how to say it to those that are involved. This is where the Sun and Mercury come in.

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At this point, no matter what the situation is, we undoubtedly need to express some of our thoughts and feelings to those in our lives, and this transit will assist us with just that.

Together, these two will spark our mental energy so we can find the words we need to take care of lingering tasks or those ones that are required before we move into the next phase of our life. It’s a time when we’re going to feel very in control, capable, and ready to tackle those conversations and decisions we need to, rather than avoiding them or procrastinating.

We get overwhelmed at times, either because we don’t know how to say something or we don't want to have that hard conversation. Rather than try or just give it our best shot, we put it off. We keep saying we'll eventually get to it, but one of two things ends up happening: either we never take that leap and let that missed chance become a weight we must carry, or we wait too long and whatever decision was ours to make gets made for us.

But eclipses have a way of cutting away what doesn’t matter. For us, it’s any doubt or worry we have about what it takes to grow, learn, experience and find success in this life, no matter how we personally define that. It’s when we’re able to gently let go of the voices of others that have held us back, the beliefs or stereotypes others made us wear, and instead we're able to stand more firmly in our truth, no longer doubting the ideas in our head or the feelings in our heart.

Sun conjunct Mercury will allow all the zodiac signs to say what needs to be said. To act, plan, review, say we’re sorry, or try again.

It’s time for us to acknowledge that 2020 really is that different. We’re no longer going to put off for tomorrow what we feel today; we’re no longer going to make excuses; most importantly, we’re no longer going to put off our happiness.

Combined with the energy of the eclipse, this transit is going to enable us to think more clearly. But we’re also going to make the choices that allow us to start building the future we dream of.

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