What Life As A Sociopath Is REALLY Like, According To Sociopaths

Photo: Unsplash

A sociopath is a person who has a personality disorder defined by the absence of a conscience and severely antisocial behavior. The most distinctive trait of a sociopath is their indifference towards other people. 

Although symptoms of sociopathy can begin as early as childhood, it's not actually diagnosed until adulthood. 

We've all likely heard of the term 'sociopath,' and many are quick to associate it with being a psychopath. However, this term is usually misunderstood and in reality is not similar at all to the way it is usually portrayed in media. 

To better understand what life as a sociopath is really like, here's what 22 people with this disorder reveal about it.

1. Love is very different for a sociopath.


I'm a sociopath so I don't feel love. I understand the concept I guess ... but I get by just fine."

2. Sociopaths are often very misunderstood.


"I'm a sociopath. People don't really understand what that means though, they always assume sociopath equals murderer or bad person." 

3. It's hard to have relationships.


"I'm single because I'm a sociopath. And no woman wants to sleep next to that. Not when they figure it out, anyway."

4. Getting treatment can seem scary.


"I know I'm a sociopath, but I'm afraid to get help. What if getting help just makes me as weak and ignorant as everyone else seems to be?"

5. Sociopaths don't let emotions through.


"I'm actually glad that I'm a sociopath because emotions are too complicated and I'd be vulnerable and have way less fun if I had feelings or remorse."

6. Love can be really complicated.


"I'm a sociopath ... so basically I'm doomed with relationships. Any girls into monsters?"

7. First impressions are not always accurate.


"I'm a sociopath. All my emotions are shallow but anger. I have complete disregard for anyone and if you met me you'd think I'm the nicest person in the world."

8. It's difficult to find people who don't think you're strange.


"People think I'm weird because I'm a sociopath just a little though, I'm not crazy but I have my tendencies."

9. It's hard for sociopaths to relate to other people.


"I'm a sociopath and I just think everyone else is a moron."

10. It can affect your work life, too.


"I'm a sociopath, I stopped faking emotions at work awhile ago ... everyone thought I was depressed ... so I was promoted to my favorite department ... funny how things work out."

11. Sometimes you wish you were normal.


"My secret is I'm a sociopath that wants to be normal, I just suck at it."

12. No one chooses to be this way.


"I think I'm a sociopath. I never feel any guilt and people's worth is measured by how useful they are to me. I never chose to be a bad person. I just am."

13. Sociopaths don't experience emotions the way everyone else does.


"I'm a sociopath who is capable of feeling happiness, sadness, and anger, but usually feels nothing."

14. True sociopaths would rather keep it a secret.


"I don't tell people I'm a sociopath. I'd rather they thought I was an asshole than crazy."

15. You put on a facade for your loved ones.


"I fake a kind, empathetic personality for my son's sake. In reality, I'm a sociopath who just wants to watch the world burn."

16. Relationships aren't something sociopaths do well.


"I'm a sociopath — I don't want a relationship; I want to break someone's heart and I want attention."

17. Sociopaths aren't always aware of when they've hurt someone.


"I'm a sociopath and I'm not very good at telling when I'm upsetting someone. My husband has a foot tap big system to warn me when I've stepped over the boundary and upsetting or offending someone."

18. It's possible to change.


"I'm a sociopath trying to correct his ways. I have a horrible history with women and cheating. I just want the chance to prove I'm capable of love and loyalty."

19. It's nothing like what you see on TV.


"I'm a sociopath, not the cute types you see on TV, the scary shit you pay to see on Showtime or HBO."

20. No one believes you.


"I'm a sociopath, but when I talk about it, people think I'm joking."

21. You're not always without any human feelings.


"I'm a sociopath, but very rarely I get intense pangs of empathy that go away quickly and leave me depressed for the rest of the day."

22. Sometimes, it's all just a game.


"I'm a sociopath and it's fun to mess with people. I've been doing it for months and only a few people know who I truly am. It's fun to watch how people react to such things I do or make them believe."