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Ladies, Put Down Your Wallets & Let HIM Pay For Your Date [VIDEO]

Based on our own dating experiences, we know that a lot of mystery usually surrounds the first date. From wondering what to wear, and whether or not you should dutch, trying to figure out the right protocol for your date can be super frustrating and stressful.

So, we're here to give it to you straight and make things a bit easier. If you're ever unsure about if you should pay on your first date, here's the answer made simple: No, you shouldn't.

Your date should always pay for the date, point blank. Although this may be an unpopular opinion, author and dating expert Laurel House firmly believes that guys should never expect a woman to pay for a first date; in fact, they shouldn't even expect her to go dutch on the check.

Let's be real, Laurel House has a point. This is a first date, not a business lunch; splitting the check should not be considered at all. Here is the #1 thing you need to ask yourself: Is this guy interested in dating you as a potential love interest, or simply interested in hanging out as friends?

If your answer is the former, then you shouldn't even think about doing the fake reach! If you're curious as to why paying for the first date can actually hurt your chances at finding love, you need to hear the rest of what Laurel House has to say.

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