All The Way On The First Date: Why Wait?

You already wait for your water to boil, for your nails to dry, and for those over-priced shoes you loved to go on sale. So why wait until a second date to have sex with a guy you're into?
Turns out researchers have found good enough reason. A new study done by the University College London and published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology shows that the longer you wait to seal the deal with the guy you're dating, the greater the chance that your relationship will last in the long haul. The study also found that men who can keep it in their pants longer are more reliable than those that can't, who are less likely to stick around for a relationship. 
Apparently, the longer you date a guy, the more you know about them, so waiting to sleep with him decreases your chances of doin' the dirty with a bad boy. What will scientists discover next?!
In fact, accolade for women who wait is nothing new. In the late 1980's, a study of 5,232 married adults found that 12 percent reported marital dissatisfaction. Five years later, 78 percent of those who stuck it out in their "very unhappy marriages" said that their marriages were currently happy. 
So here are the new rules: wait to have sex to weed out the bad guys. Wait to divorce for better odds of becoming happy. Anyone else's biological clock ticking?