Adrien Brody & Girlfriend On A Break?

adrien brody and elsa patacky

The d-lightful d-famers at Dlisted have d-tails that Adrien Brody has been d-coupled. Per the story, Adrien Brody's long-time girlf left the Gallic-looking heartthrob for actual Frenchman Olivier Martinez.

As the story goes, Adrien Brody realized that Elsa Pataky (no relation to former New York Governor George Pataki) was yet ready to take the next step in their relationship. So he did what any good, loving sweetheart of a person would do: let her figure it out for herself. This is a tricky tactic. Sometimes a person takes a spin around the block and realizes they've already found what they're looking for. Other times panic sets in for one or both parties right out of the gate and someone turns a little loneliness-busting rendezvous into a long-term cluster-fark of an ever after with the absolutely wrong person.

Since this story originated with Star Magazine and has not been independently observed by any other sources, we're going to assume that it is either a half-truth or no truth at all. You can takes the Star out of the tabloids, but you can't takes the tabloids out of the Star.

But since we've decided to engage in this possible farce of a story, it is also being reported that Olivier Martinez and Elsa Pataky are searching for a place to shack up together. If this is true, we do not foresee a happy ending (or rather a satisfactory outcome and by that we mean a pleasant climax, forget it, they're all double entendres).

In other Olivier Martinez-esque news, iCelebz is reporting that his ex, Kylie Minogue, was doggedly pursued by her current guy Andres Velencoso. Evidently, the Spanish male model was not letting a little thing like Kylie Minogue's broken heart vis-à-vis Olivier Martinez's bad boy-edness get in the way. Well done, male model Andres Velencoso, now you guys should double date with Adrien Brody and any lucky gal that he'd see fit to fool with. In short, Olivier Martinez should be pretty far down the list of people you'd ask to look after your wife and make sure she has a good time.

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