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Sex Tape Leads To Kelis And Nas Divorce


R&B singer Kelis recently filed for divorce from rapper Nas, despite being seven months pregnant. So what could cause an expectant mother to give up on the picture perfect family?Read: Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life

Turns out more than just crazy pregnancy hormones are to blame for this split. Bossip reports that a sex tape featuring Kelis and another rapper is responsible for the couple's marital troubles. Though filmed prior to their marriage, it seems Nas’ macho feelings were hurt.

"Nas completely shut down physically and emotionally, which is why they were very rarely seen together in public over the past few months," Bossip stated.

Sadly, like many women experiencing a crisis in their marriage, Kelis hoped a baby would fix the couple's problems.  While Nas is thrilled that he has a son on the way, he still planned to file for divorce.  Her response?  To file for divorce first, of course.  Read: Breaking Up? How to Divide Your Stuff

Looks like Little Nas Jr. will have a great story to share when he gets older.  "I was conceived because my mom made a sex tape and my dad was crazy mad," sounds just as good as "My parents were so in love." Hey, at least he knows he was no mistake.

Photo courtesy of Splash News